Eoriel Saga Character Biographies

Warning, this contains minor spoilers for those who have not read the first book of the Eoriel Saga, Echo of the High Kings.  As a note, the information contained here is general knowledge in Eoriel and may not reflect the entire truth.

Echo of the High Kings Character Biographies

Duchy of Masov

Duke Hector the Usurper

Captain Kerrel Flamehair

Commander Covle Darkbit

Grel the Duke’s Hound

Lady Katarina Emberhill

Ducal Guardsman Bulmor


Arren Smith



Grand Duchy of Boir

Grand Duke Beckett

Lord Admiral Hennings

Lord Admiral Christoffer Tarken

Wizard-Captain Gunther

 Captain Elias Wachter

First Lieutenant Hennings

Lieutenant Johann Jonas

Lieutenant Karl Gunnar

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