Ducal Guardsman Bulmor

Bulmor: Bulmor is a squat, powerfully muscled man, who has seen combat and war and lived to tell of it.

A stoic, senior man, Bulmor served under Duke Peter for many cycles before he retired and returned to his family’s home.  Many were surprised when Duke Peter called him back to service to guard his daughter.  Like many armsman, he comes from a long line of House Guard who have served the Dukes of Masov.

He was the one to get Lady Katarina out of Castle Ember when Hector’s mercenaries assassinated Duke Peter.   With the help of the halfblood scout Gerlin, he was able to get Katarina out of the Duchy of Masov and into the Duchy of Marovingia where she was able to claim asylum.

Bulmor is a determined guardian and he spends every waking moment considering her safety.  He strongly disagrees with Lady Katarina’s intent to return to Masov, but he will guard her to the best of his abilities along the way.

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