The Shadow Space Chronicles

In the darkness of space, there are beautiful sights, fascinating creatures , and terrifying threats to be found… follow the stories of those who push the boundaries of humanity… and those who defend us from what awaits…

The Shadow Space Chronicles is a linked universe with multiple ongoing series.

The Shadow Space Chronicles

The Lightbringer Trilogy, the first part of the Shadow Space Chronicles, follows the story of Baron Lucius Giovanni, the last hope for humanity as not just one but two alien empires seek to bring an end to the human race.

The Precursor Saga focuses on the crew of the UCS Constellation and Alanis Giovanni, the sister to Baron Lucius Giovanni, as she begins her military career.  The crew of the Constellation find themselves fighting those who seek to control weapons and artifacts of precursor civilizations.

Project Archon (Shadow Space Universe)

Project Archon is a prequel series set during the time of Amalgamated Worlds, a totalitarian regime that ruled Earth and its colonies about a hundred years prior to the events of The Fallen Race.

The Renegades (Shadow Space Universe)

The Renegades is a series set five years prior to the events of The Fallen Race.  The books follow a band of misfit mercenaries as they explore the edges of human space, surviving and thriving in the lawless regions where fortune and glory are always just out of reach.

Short Stories

Look to the Stars, a short story by Kal Spriggs

Look to the Stars is a short story set just before the events of The Fallen Race.  The story revolves around the smuggler Mason McGann, a man who is running from his own past and gets caught up in events with repercussions far beyond what he expects.


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