The Worlds of Kal Spriggs

Kal writes in multiple universes and over ten different series. Below you can find more about his works.

The Shadow Space Chronicles

Military Science Fiction / Space Opera

Humanity has fallen. Two alien empires are encroaching on human space from either side. Most of the human nations have crumbled. One man, Baron Lucius Giovanni, refuses to run. This is his story.

Part of the Shadow Space universe which includes 2 other series.

Children of Valor

Space Opera / Young Adult Science Fiction

Jiden Armstrong is trying to find herself on her dusty, dry homeworld of Century. What she’s starting to learn is that her family has enemies, and those enemies see her as an easy target. She’s going to have to learn to fight back if she wants to survive… and maybe just save her world.

Part of the Star Portal universe, which includes 2 other series.

The Eoriel Saga

Epic Fantasy / Military Fantasy / Sword and Sorcery

The Eoriel Saga is epic fantasy on the vein of David Eddings or Robert Jordan, with grand scope, valiant heroes, and complex problems, where the efforts of single men and women can change the course of history.

Part of the Eoriel universe.

Angel of Death

Urban Fantasy / Contemporary Fantasy

The Angel of Death is makes for a terrible guardian angel. Ari is just trying to get by, but werewolves, demons, fallen angels, and worse are all after him. But if he doesn’t take the fight to the evils that plague the world, then there may be literal hell to pay for the entire world.

Army Space Corps

Military Science Fiction / Hard Science Fiction

Earth has just learned that humanity is not alone in the universe…

Unfortunately, the nice aliens just got annihilated and the first transmission Earth received was their final dire warning: there are hostile aliens coming to wipe us all out.

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