The Eoriel Saga

“Come, lad, buy me another drink and I’ll tell you a story about when I fought side by side with the Swordbreaker.  Don’t believe me?  Where do you think I got this scar?  Now then, just the one drink…”

The Eoriel Saga

The Eoriel Saga is an epic fantasy series that takes place on a world where civilization lies near the breaking point.  Rebellions, civil war, assassinations, and banditry has torn down the old High Kingdom and the constant assault of barbarians and the demons they worship has nearly ripped apart the remnants of that ancient nation.  It is a violent and dark time… but for a few sparks of hope.  Men and women step forward to stop the fall, to drag civilization back from the edge, to reforge a nation where people can live free.

Eoriel Saga Short Stories

The Freeport Mutineers, by Kal Spriggs
The Freeport Mutineers, by Kal Spriggs

The Freeport Mutineers is a story set during the events of Echo of the High Kings.  Young Midshipman Wachter is faced with a dilemma, where those placed in authority of him might well be guilty of the worst crimes… and he himself is charged with mutiny for trying to find the truth.

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