Captain Kerrel Flamehair

Captain Kerrel Flamehair:  A skilled mercenary in the service of Duke Hector, Kerrel Flamehair is the Captain of the Flamebrands, a mercenary company made up of heavy cavalry from the Duchy of Asador.

Little is commonly known about her past, though it is rumored that she’s the exiled daughter of some Asador noble.  Her company is fiercely loyal and they’ve gained a reputation for being not only extremely tough, but also for settling fights with those who disparage their commander.

Kerrel serves Hector loyally and is dedicated to his goals, though she often disagrees with his methods.  Rumors say that she is his lover, though some less generous souls refer to her as his mistress or whore.

Despite the general distaste in the Duchy of Masov for Hector’s mercenaries, there is some measure of respect for Captain Flamehair, in that she’s been known to deal fairly with both commoners and nobility alike.  This has actually made her disliked by some of his other mercenary commanders, mostly because it makes them look even worse in comparison.

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