Grel the Duke’s Hound

Grel the Duke’s Hound: The position of Duke’s Hound is a traditional one, which goes back to long before the founding of the High Kingdom, to the very earliest time of the Duchy of Masov.  I ancient times, all the Duchies used the policy, that of a chosen warrior who would dispense their ruler’s policies.  Oftentimes a close relation held this position, so that they had both the granted authority and blood right to carry out their duties.  In the time of the High Kings, this policy faded out from the other Duchies, though it never fully went away in the Duchy of Masov.

Grel, the latest Duke’s Hound, is a sorry example of how things have changed under Duke Hector.  While the position of executioner and trouble shooter was always part of the Hound’s authority, these have become an exclusive part of his duties.

Often called Hector’s Dog, even to his face, Grel is a savage man, given to violence and cruelty even to the mercenaries under his command.  Common born, he takes pleasure in offending noblemen and women, often threatening reprisal if they speak out against his crude behavior.

That is nothing compared to the depredations against his own people.  He’s killed numerous tradesmen and commoners who have spoken out against Hector and his mercenaries.  In Hector’s service, he led the assassins who murdered Duke Peter and it is said that he dealt the final blow himself.

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