Arren Smith

Arren Smith:  An old man who has fought on all three of Eoriel’s continents, Arren is a rabble-rouser and professional revolutionary.  He’s served in the Marovingian Legion, rode with Asadorian Heavy Cavalry, and even spent time among the Sepak Armen on the northern steppes.

Arren has come to the Duchy of Masov because he seeks to overthrow the Usurper Duke.  Though it is clear that he has some ulterior motives to this cause, Lady Katarina has accepted his help and has come to value his leadership and experience.

Quick to tell a joke or share a story, Arren is well-liked by those he leads.  He is a natural orator and a skilled fighter, though age has slowed him.  He puts his experience to good use in training and he has garnered respect, however grudgingly, from Bulmor and Gerlin, Katarina’s guardians.

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