Wizard-Captain Gunther

Wizard-Captain Gunther: A big, boisterous man, Gunther is a rarity, a man who has managed to balance a military career with his work as a wizard.  He’s an Iron Wizard by trade, who practices the Artisan School of Wizardry, whose runes require intense mathmatical calculations and precision in order to function as well as an excellent grasp of physics and cycles of hard work to master.

Gunther was the proponent for a new class of vessels to add to the Boir Ducal Navy: the Windship.  The first of her class itserves as both prototype and proof of concept.  A flying vessel held aloft by wizard runes, it was attached to the Northern Fleet just prior to it’s sailing, with Gunther assigned as it’s Captain.

A good friend of Admiral Michael Ales, the Navy Admiral in charge of procurement of new weapons and ships Gunther has run the vessel with admirable skill.  Yet many Navy officers distrust the vessel and its capabilities and others view its expense as a frivolous waste.

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