Jacen: Common born, Jacen grew up under the reign of Duke Peter.  Jacen served a stint in the Duke’s Army, where he fought in several skirmishes against Norics and Armen.

Jacen left the Duke’s Army and went home to raise a family.  He had a wife and newborn when Hector assassinated Duke Peter.  In the time since, under the Usurper’s taxes, he lost his farm and his son took sick and died, followed not long after by his wife.  Jacen turned to drink and had nearly drunk himself to death when Arren Smith found him.

Arren got him cleaned up and has assigned him to train a small band of rebels in the Tucola Forrest.  Jacen is a taciturn man, but with a new-found purpose in life.  He’s a skilled fighter and he puts his experience to good use in training those who want to overthrow Hector.

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