Lord Admiral Christoffer Tarken

Lord Admiral Christoffer Tarken: A distant cousin to Grand Duke Beckett, Christoffer Tarken has served in the Boir Ducal Navy for nearly forty cycles.  A tall, stern man, he has become almost a symbol of the Navy, being highly regarded by both officers and enlisted men.

While a distant relation to Grand Duke Beckett, rumors suggest that he is coldly received at the Citadel, though his daughter resides there since the death of his wife.  His eldest son, Gustav, serves as the Captain of the Mircea, one of the newest of the Boir Ducal Navy’s ironclads.

Despite the high esteem with which his people hold him, Christoffer seldom gives speeches and does not involve himself in politics at all.  Rumors speak of his youngest son and wife, both of whom died under mysterious circumstances, but little is known about that, save that several noblemen in the Grand Duke’s confidence have been known to make snide remarks about Christoffer’s judgement.

Lord Admiral Tarken has recently been assigned to command of the Northern Fleet.  Under the Grand Duke’s orders, the Northern Fleet has set sail on a punative expedition whose purpose is the eradication of coastal harbors and villages in Noriel from where the Semat Armen raiders sail.  Christoffer has sailed two weeks behind the main fleet aboard the Ubelfurst, the newest ironclad produced by the Iron Wizards of Boir.

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