Gerlin: There are many halfbloods, men who share ancestry with the northern Armen as well as southerners, who live in the Five Duchies.  To be halfblood is at once to be pitied and hated, for while often halfbloods have little to do with their parentage and less in common with their Armen fathers, they are still marked reminders of the violence and rape that follows an Armen raid.

Like many halfbloods, Gerlin has worked to overcome this prejudice as a scout.  He served some time in Duke Peter’s Army and then later in the Marovingian Legion.  He favors a quick, skirmishing style of combat and is proficient with both the bow and crossbow.

A sarcastic man, Gerlin often acts as counterpart to Bulmor, mocking the other man’s paranoia and stern attitude.  Even so, he is constantly alert to threats on Katarina and is every bit as watchful as her actual armsman.


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