Lord Admiral Hennings

Lord Admiral Hennings: The Earl of Trelhaven, Lord Admiral Hennings is a distant relation to Grand Duke Beckett of Boir.  His wife, Lady Lindsee, is the sister of Lord Admiral Christoffer Tarken’s deceased wife.

Lord Hennings is well known to be a man of ambition, with a taste for wealth and power.  He manages several shipping companies and some attribute his rapid rise to Admiral to that wealth, particularly from generous loans to nobles on the Duke’s Council.

Certainly it is suspected that he owes his very title to that same wealth.   The disputed Earldom of Trelhaven was contested between Lord Hennings, Lady Dansa, and Lord Machter for five cycles in court, with most of the arbitration going in Lord Machter’s favor.  However, after Lord Machter suffered a fatal heart attack under questionable circumstances, his heirs ceased the contest.  A new judge, some say paid for by Lord Hennings, awarded the Earldom to him over Lady Dansa.

Trelhaven has grown under his rule, becoming a mercantile hub almost a match for Boirton.  Few, however, will deny that it is a miserable place to live.  Under the recent expansion, tenements have been built on marshy land, giving rise to disease and pestilence, with workers crowded three and four families to single room apartments.

Lord Hennings has three sons, two of whom have followed him into the Navy.  His eldest has made Captain in the Southern Fleet, while his youngest is a Lieutenant aboard the Ubelfurst.  His second son manages one of his trading companies.

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