Grand Duke Beckett

Grand Duke Beckett:  Grand Duke Beckett, ruler of the Grand Duchy of Boir, is the grandson of Grand Duke Andros.  His father, Lord Captain Lindhart, died fighting Norics at a small skirmish near the Ryft.

A shrewd nobleman, Beckett enjoys political maneuvering and has continued his grandfather’s policy of stripping authority away from the nobility and consolidating it with himself.  Under his tenure, most noblemen have forgone the expense of maintaining a House Guard, the Boir Army and Navy have grown, and commerce has reached a peak unseen since the times of the High Kings.

Beckett has sponsored the colonization of Gruenlund, a lush island off the cost of Vendakar, and granted lands there to those who have sworn loyalty to him.  He has also funded two expeditions to distant Aoriel, both of which have returned heavily laden with trade goods from the distant continent.

Despite his willingness to trade with all parties, Beckett has a strong distrust for the Norics who have overwhelmed the Duchy of Taral and even less for the Vendakar who occasionally ally with them.  Despite offers of trade and friendship, he has maintained a policy of having his warships harass Vendakar vessels who venture into the Boir Sea and has maintained aggressive patrols against raiders both in the south and north in order to prevent raids on his lands.

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