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Long Belated Update

Hey everyone. Apologies for the long delay in posts. A lot of my life is dictated by the Army, and I’ve been in a lot of suspense over my next assignment, location, move, etc since early November of 2021, with a number of highs and lows involved.

The drama, anticipation, and effort of finding out where I would be working, where we’d be living, selling our old house, finding a new one, changing my child’s school, and all the other dozens of things that come with moving cross country.

My state of mind while dealing with all that has been focused first on getting my family through it all, closing out my previous assignment, trying to maintain my own sanity, and doing some writing when I could. To add to that, my last job at my last unit was extremely busy and as fun and rewarding as it was, it consumed a lot of my free time with meetings, phone calls, and just time spent thinking about how to get things done, right up until I was passing things over and headed for the door. Posting to the blog, has, along with a dozen other things, taken a back-seat.

We are finally moved into our new home, in the process of unpacking, I’ve started my new assignment with the Army, and, yes, I’ve managed to get some writing done and will have a new book coming out very soon.

I’ve also outlined and started writing up new blog posts, including this one, and have some content coming over the next weeks and months that I hope you all will enjoy.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading!

2016 Website Updates, Round One!

In preparation for the new year, I’ll be bringing some updates to my blog and website.  The first round of updates will mostly be placeholders for upcoming content, however soon I’ll have pages for maps, character biographies, in universe lore (news articles, wanted posters, and some short fiction), and other things to spice up the different universe web pages.

As more pages come online, I’ll link them here.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll also link writing posts for easy viewing  (by enough interest, I mean people ask for it).

For now, here’s the first page to go live, albeit with limited overall content: Eoriel Maps.  As I get maps from the artist, I’ll post more there!