Book Release: 14 December Lost Valor

I’m excited to announce the release of Lost Valor, coming on 14 December to Amazon.  Check back here next week for the first snippets!  Lost Valor is the first book of the Forsaken Valor series, a spin-off of the Children of Valor YA series that follows Jiden Armstrong’s little brother, Will Armstrong.
They say that without the dark, we would never see the stars, without losing the light, we can never truly see it. Well, I’ve lost the light, I’m in a dark place, a forsaken place.
My name is William Alexander Armstrong. Pirates took everything from me: my possessions, my freedom, and the lives of my friends and family. But I’m not going to let them take my drive. I’m going to escape, I’m not going to stay trapped, working as their slave.
I might be lost, I may be forsaken, but I will find my way to freedom, and when I do, I will bring fire and destruction on those who took everything from me.

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