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Book Release: 14 December Lost Valor

I’m excited to announce the release of Lost Valor, coming on 14 December to Amazon.  Check back here next week for the first snippets!  Lost Valor is the first book of the Forsaken Valor series, a spin-off of the Children of Valor YA series that follows Jiden Armstrong’s little brother, Will Armstrong.
They say that without the dark, we would never see the stars, without losing the light, we can never truly see it. Well, I’ve lost the light, I’m in a dark place, a forsaken place.
My name is William Alexander Armstrong. Pirates took everything from me: my possessions, my freedom, and the lives of my friends and family. But I’m not going to let them take my drive. I’m going to escape, I’m not going to stay trapped, working as their slave.
I might be lost, I may be forsaken, but I will find my way to freedom, and when I do, I will bring fire and destruction on those who took everything from me.

Prisoner of the Mind on Kindle Scout

I’m happy to announce that my novel, Prisoner of the Mind, will appear on Kindle Scout.

How do you know right from wrong if every memory, every thought in your head was put there by your enemies?

In a near-future, when humanity has begun to spread throughout the stars.  In the process, they’ve awakened abilities hidden within their own DNA.  Psychics have begun to appear at ever-increasing rates with abilities that range from mental manipulation to mass destruction and beyond.  Empowered by public hysteria and fear of psychics, Amalgamated Worlds has taken over.  Their powerful combination of military and security forces, control of media and communications, and manipulation of internal threats has created a police state that spans all of human space.

Shaden Kirroy is a product of that police state.  Designed to be a weapon for use against his fellow psychics as well as any civilians who step out of line, he is an artificially enhanced psychic.  He is a blank slate, his past erased and replaced with engineered loyalty to Amalgamated Worlds.
Yet Shaden realizes that something is terribly wrong.  As his world begins to unravel, as he realizes the horrors of what was done to him, Shaden must find a way to free himself, to unlock the prison of his own mind.
Prisoner of the Mind is a novel set in the greater Shadow Space Chronicles universe.  It is set before the fall of Amalgamated Worlds.  So for those of you who want to see how it is that humanity got where it was, this is a book where you’ll learn a great deal.  Thanks for reading!

Book Review: Code Frostbite by John Darling

code-frostbiteCode Frostbite is a near-future world where humanity is on the brink of destruction.

There’s a deep background for the character to explore within this dangerous world.  There’s battles and secret histories that we get glimpses at.

It’s also something of an origin story, where we see a young man become a warrior.  The author clearly draws upon many of his personal experiences as far as military training and family life.  That provides some valuable insight as we see the cost on families and relationships that this kind of thing brings.

The book has a rambling tone, where you gain odd glimpses at the world before it comes back to the story.  These can be jarring at times, but they also provide awareness of the greater events and those that shaped the main characters.

This is a story with high stakes…the kind that can end the world.  Missions play out against that canvas and you aren’t really certain what’s going on until the story really gets moving.  There’s several scenes that play out like dreamscapes and you’re not really certain what’s real and what isn’t.

I’ll state right now that it’s outside my normal reading habits.  There’s a darkness to this world that weighs on the soul.  But if you’re into thriller and apocalyptic stakes with hordes of flesh-eating enemies to face down, then this is a book you should pick up.