The Shattered Empire Rerelease

The Shattered Empire Book II of the Shadow Space Chronicles

Something I’ve been working on lately is revisions to The Shattered Empire, to make it flow a bit smoother and be less confusing to the average reader.  I’m excited to announce that the rereleased version is now live on Amazon.

So what are these revisions?  Nothing major.  These edits were aimed at making the story flow in an easier fashion to read and follow.  The sequence of events, the story, and the characters haven’t changed, just the placement of the scenes in the actual book, along with some minor grammatical editing.

If you’ve read it before and enjoyed it, don’t worry about it.  If you’ve tried to read it and it didn’t feel as fun as The Fallen Race, then hopefully this will bring you back and you’ll give The Shattered Empire another chance.

Thanks for your time!

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