Dragon Con 2015 In Review

I’m now back from Dragon Con (it takes some of us more time than others) and boy was it a great time.  For those of you who don’t know, Dragon Con is the big convention in Atlanta.  It’s a unique experience, far more friendly an atmosphere than you might think for the size of it (they hit 70,000 attendees this year I’m told).


My first panel at Dragon Con was a Military Science Fiction panel on Saturday evening, which I got to be on with John Ringo, Michael Z. Williamson, David Afsharirad, and Jack Campbell.  It was an excellent panel and we covered a lot of great topics, including: writing military SF with no military background (most of us as panelists had to admit that we couldn’t),  differences between American SF (which has a lot of Mil SF) and other cultures SF, how we tie our readers to our characters, and quite a few more.

First Contact Improv

I was also on an evening panel with Larry Correa and Keith DeCandido: First Contact Improv.  That was… an interesting one.  Cross ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’ with Star Trek and you sort of get the idea.  I think the panel actually improved when we discovered that the hairless alien lolcats secreted hallucenigens from their skin…

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to Facebook, but all in all it was a phenomenal experience that I can’t wait to have again next year.

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