Audiobook in Progress: Echo of the High Kings

Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs
Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs

On the good news front, Echo of the High Kings is in progress to becoming an audiobook.  I should have the final product by the 1st of October, which means that the book should be available for purchase in mid October.  I’m also working on a new cover for it, as the feedback regarding the cover has been mixed.  I will say that it hasn’t sold well so far, though I’m not sure if that’s the blurb, the cover, or lack of a big push to get it onto the charts.  If you are a purchaser and you’ve finished it, I’d love to hear your feedback, either here, on Amazon, or Goodreads.  If you haven’t purchased it, I’d like to know why as well.

In other news, I’m also trying to get Renegades: Origins available soon as an audiobook.  I’m still screening the auditions and seeing how much money I’ll have left to produce it.  It turns out that 20+ hours of audio can be expensive to have professionally narrated… who knew?  But my big hold up is finding the right narrator.  For those who want a breakdown of everything that goes into producing an audiobook, you can read my earlier posts about the process here.

That’s all for now, though in the good news department I’ll soon begin posting samples from The Fallen Race’s sequel, The Shattered Empire.  Look for those to start in early September, leading up to the release.

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