Kal Spriggs’ June Update

For those of you who visit regularly, this blog seems rather quiet.  And there’s a reason for that.  My wife gave birth to our firstborn last week and both he and she had a bit of a rough time.  Thankfully, things are better now, for both of them.  As you might imagine, my priority was and will remain focused with them.  Now that things are easing up a bit, I should be able to post again a bit more regularly.  That said, writing remains priority number three, after my wife & son.  The blog posts are on the list somewhere after work.

As far as writing goes, I’m mid-way through The Shattered Empire and have completed the final edits of Echo of the High Kings.  I’m waiting on a cover and some maps/artwork for Echo of the High Kings and have to do a thorough copy-edit/formatting edit to prep it for publishing.  As I’ve stated previously, my goal is to have The Shattered Empire out in fall of 2014.  Echo of the High Kings is on track for August 2014.  My next writing project after The Shattered Empire will be Renegades: Out of the Cold, which will be a compendium of novellas and short stories much like Renegades: Origins.

That’s all the updates, for now.  Check back for new stuff over the next few days.  Assuming anyone’s interested, I could even post (rough) samples of The Shattered Empire.

2 thoughts on “Kal Spriggs’ June Update”

    1. Me too! It’s going well and I’m excited at how far along The Shattered Empire is, at this rate I’ll have the first draft finished this month. Then just the editing process and a cover and I’ll have it up. Granted, those can take a couple months (or more) depending.


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