Rawn Armstrong

Rawn Armstrong: Rawn has taken his parents’ murder poorly.  While Mel has dedicated herself to filling the role of his parents, giving up any thoughts of her own dreams, Rawn at first turned his efforts to revenge.  After run-ins on several planets where he tried (and failed) to find members of the terrorist faction that killed his parents, he’s at least learned some caution.

Rawn is a talented engineer and has proven adept at programming, often using both skills to good use aboard their parents vessel, doing most of the maintenance himself as well as monitoring the engineering systems.  At Mel’s insistence, he obtained his engineering licence for ship engineering, taking and passing the seven required exams in one weekend.

He doesn’t seem to spend much time with other people besides his sister, when he does leave the ship, Mel has seen him walking alone, other than when he makes equipment purchases for the vessel.

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