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Kal’s (updated) 2018 Convention Schedule

Here’s my updated convention schedule for the year, with events I’ve already attended in italics and a new one added in bold.

LTUE February 15-17, UT

Whimsycon March 2-4, CO

Liberty Con June 29-July 1, TN

Dragon Con August 30-September 3, GA

Mile Hi Con October 19-21, CO

Yes, I’m excited to be going to Dragon Con this year as an Attending Professional.  I have no idea what my panels will look like, yet, but I’m really looking forward to the event!

The Dragon Awards

At this point, many of you have no doubt heard about the recently-announced Dragon Awards.  These awards will be hosted by Dragon Con, of Atlanta, GA.

Why is this such a big thing?  Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the Hugos, the fix is in.   Last year’s Hugo “no award” votes were a slap in the face to readers everywhere, when a voting bloc decided that they would rather no one receive an award than allow people they didn’t like to get it.

Why this matters is that the Hugos became an award that was given by “the right people” to those they thought deserved it.  Most of the literature picked over the past few decades is stuff that very few people read for enjoyment.

The Dragon Awards, on the other hand, is an award for readers and fans.  More than that, unlike the Hugos, it has a variety of categories that fits the actual fan demographics, with categories for Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military Science Fiction/Fantasy, Computer Gaming, Board Gaming, etc.  All you need to vote and nominate is an email address.  Unlike the Hugos, there’s no application/membership fee.  The award is open to all fans… and in the rules it says the trophy has no monetary value.

I like it.  I like Dragon Con too, so I’ll be nominating and voting authors that I like and enjoy.  For that matter, if anyone wants to nominate me, I have four books that would qualify: Wrath of the Usurper, The Prodigal Emperor, Renegades: Out of the Cold, and Odin’s Eye.  (Please note, I encourage you to vote for who you genuinely think should win, I’m not asking you to vote for me).

Thanks for reading and feel free to support the Dragon Awards!

Kal’s 2016 Convention Schedule

Just a quick update since a lot of the conventions are posting guests and I have a good idea of my schedule. I’ll be attending a number of the same conventions this year, so I thought I’d post dates and locations for those of you who may attend the same ones:

Cosine – Colorado Springs, CO – January 22-23                                    (Completed, see my review here)

Starfest -Denver, CO -March 11-13

LibertyCon- Chattanooga, TN – July 8-10

MalCon – Denver, CO -August 12-14

Dragon Con – Atlanta, GA – September 2-5

Mile High Con – Denver, CO – October 29-30

I’ll keep this thread updated as things may  will change.  I’m looking at attending some other conventions, but it is hard to fit them into my extremely busy schedule.

See Kal at Dragon Con

Exciting news, I’ll be attending and participating in Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve confirmed that I’ll be on a Military Science Fiction panel at 5:30 PM on Saturday (location to be determined) and I may be participating in other panels as well.  I’ll have copies of my books on me, too, so if you’re there, you can get signed copies of my books.  This’ll be my seventh year at Dragon Con and my first time as a participant, so I’m very excited.

In honor of Dragon Con, I’m also putting a couple of my works on sale for the weekend.  The Fallen Race will be priced at $2.99 for the weekend (also discounted in the UK, Canada, and the EU).   My short story, Look to the Stars, will be available for free all weekend.  And I’m doing a Kindle Countdown deal for Echo of the High Kings, starting at just $0.99 on Friday, September 4th and going back to full price by Monday, September 6th.

This is your chance to pick up all of these for discounted prices.  If you already have copies of those books, spread the word to people who might be interested.  I’m trying to fund my Dragon Con trip off this sale (or at least defray the cost a bit), so the more people you tell, the better!

Of Dragons and Cons

I’ve just returned from my fourth Dragon*Con. As always, it’s been an experience. Dragon*Con is, in my opinion, a very unique genre convention. One thing that always hits me is the size. Five years ago, it was around twenty thousand people and spread over four hotels. This year they had five hotels and a convention center, and while numbers aren’t yet completed, I’d estimate over fifty thousand people, much like last year. They have a number of big events that occur throughout the time, to include musical concerts, film stars and directors, and of course, massive costume contests.Image


All the same, Dragon*Con has a very small feel to it, in some aspects. The writing panels are typically in small side rooms away from the main corridors. The is the same for the reading panels and other similar subgenre ‘tracks’. More popular events might require long lines and a bit of a wait to get in (and you’re not allowed to form a line prior to one hour before an event), but depending on your interests, someone might spend the entire time in small rooms away from the crowds.


I have to admit, I have a certain level of nostalgia about Dragon*Con. It was my first convention, and I went there by myself, not really knowing anyone. I spent most of those four days wandering around in something of a daze and feeling a bit like a lonely ping-pong ball that needed a break. I’ve since developed some connections and have met a few people. Would I recommend Dragon*Con to others as their first? Not really, especially if they’re going it alone. It’s very easy to be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of events to attend. I’ve seen plenty of people who looked like zombies by day three, burned out from trying to see everything. Also, there are easier ways to see the same things in other cons. Local conventions can be talked down on, but they often offer the same things, if smaller in scale. The important thing, in my opinion, is going with some kind of idea of what you want to see and pacing yourself. You won’t see much of Dragon*Con from the hospital if you collapse from exhaustion.


Still, I like Dragon*Con. It’s big, it’s loud, and there’s always something to do. Unlike events such as Comic Con, it’s not commercialized and is still mostly fan driven and organized. Will I attend next year? I plan on it. There’s nothing quite like it.Image