See Kal at Dragon Con

Exciting news, I’ll be attending and participating in Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve confirmed that I’ll be on a Military Science Fiction panel at 5:30 PM on Saturday (location to be determined) and I may be participating in other panels as well.  I’ll have copies of my books on me, too, so if you’re there, you can get signed copies of my books.  This’ll be my seventh year at Dragon Con and my first time as a participant, so I’m very excited.

In honor of Dragon Con, I’m also putting a couple of my works on sale for the weekend.  The Fallen Race will be priced at $2.99 for the weekend (also discounted in the UK, Canada, and the EU).   My short story, Look to the Stars, will be available for free all weekend.  And I’m doing a Kindle Countdown deal for Echo of the High Kings, starting at just $0.99 on Friday, September 4th and going back to full price by Monday, September 6th.

This is your chance to pick up all of these for discounted prices.  If you already have copies of those books, spread the word to people who might be interested.  I’m trying to fund my Dragon Con trip off this sale (or at least defray the cost a bit), so the more people you tell, the better!

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