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The Temple of Light Snippet Two

the-temple-of-light-kindle-v2Here is the second snippet from The Temple of Light, book five of The Shadow Space Chronicles.  You can get The Temple of Light on 14 January.  Find the first snippet here.


“Well,” Captain Daniel Beeson smiled, “that could have gone better.”

“Sorry, sir,” Lieutenant Giovanni said, her expression downcast.

“Well, we’ve received the official thanks of Tigel’s planetary government for ‘removing an entire criminal organization,’ so I suppose it didn’t work out too bad,” Daniel said.  “But as I considered just how to break it to the Emperor that I got you killed —if I got you killed– I somehow don’t think that thanks would be worth all that much.”

Lieutenant Giovanni looked down and Daniel’s smile faded.  “I think it is best that we return to Faraday.  From what I understand, they’ve had some developments there and the Admiralty may have a better grasp on the situation rather than us continuing to chase after rumors and false leads.”

Lieutenant Giovanni gave a nod at that and Daniel’s gaze went to Lieutenant Commander Perkins.  He’d turned a blind eye to their relationship mostly because they kept things professional and as his XO, Lieutenant Commander Perkins wasn’t directly in her rating chain.  That didn’t mean he didn’t know about it.  “Besides, Forrest, you’ve just come down on orders.”

“Orders, sir?” Forrest stared at him in surprise.  “I’m being transferred?”

“You are.  Apparently they’ve had an officer vacancy aboard the destroyer Bowie, so once we get back to Faraday’s Sanctuary Station, you’ll transfer immediately,” Daniel said.  He couldn’t help a smile at Forrest’s obvious dismay.  A transfer to a destroyer after his time aboard the Constellation was something of a demotion.  While that wasn’t technically true, that’s how it would be seen… except for one important point.  “I understand you’ll be replacing Lieutenant Commander Felton as the new CO of the Bowie.  Congratulations.”

Forrest’s eyes went wide, “Thank you, sir.”

A command after such a short time as XO aboard the Constellation was a sign that his performance had been noticed.  Granted, Forrest Perkins was older than most Lieutenant Commanders, at nearly fifty, though his youthful demeanor and access to the United Colonies’ longevity treatments made him look no older than twenty-five.  He’d only served in the United Colonies Fleet for six years, but he’d plenty of civilian ship experience and had graduated from Saragossa’s Fleet Academy over twenty years previously.

And since Saragossa may sign on to the United Colonies, Daniel thought, using him as something of a poster-child isn’t a bad idea.  Daniel didn’t know if Forrest realized such politics were involved, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he would figure it out soon enough.  Not that he hasn’t earned it, Daniel thought.

“No, thank you for your exemplary service,” Daniel said.  “Once we make port, Lieutenant Commander Rickard will take over as XO until your replacement arrives.”  He couldn’t help a look at Ensign Giovanni.  “At that point, I’d understand if both of you might want to take some leave.”

Both of them flushed and neither looked at the other.  Well, he thought, serves them right for them thinking they’re fooling anyone, but at least they kept things professional.

“Did we learn anything from the smuggler’s files?” Lieutenant Giovanni asked.  The short woman’s olive-skinned face was intent.  Captain Beeson understood why, but that didn’t mean he fully approved of her dedication.

“I see that you’ve spoken with Gunny Tam,” Daniel snorted.  “We’re still sorting through the data.  Strictly speaking, I shouldn’t be telling you this as the assistant tactical officer.”  She blanched a bit as he said that, but his tone eased, “however, since I figure you’ll be seeing most of this information from your brother, the Emperor, I might as well save a couple of steps.”

She rolled her eyes at that, but she gave him a nod, so he went on.  “We’ve found some sales data as well as indications of where Reese Leone has made purchases,” Daniel said.  “Which did include this system, but apparently he hasn’t been seen here for at least four months.”

She looked disappointed at that, especially since they’d come here based upon information that he was based out of or operating in this system.  If he hadn’t been seen in that long, it suggested that this was yet another dead end.

There’d been a few of those over the past six months.  The Constellation’s mission was to investigate any leads on Reese’s whereabouts, activities, and his mysterious patrons.  Certainly the amount of money and resources Reese accessed on a regular basis suggested that he had some powerful allies.  “The word I’ve received from Faraday says that they’ve put together a working group for this specific job.”  The somewhat cryptic statement had come through the ansible network.  They still didn’t know for certain if the network was compromised.  The Ghornath had discovered indications that a mysterious group could intercept ansible transmissions.  The United Colonies Fleet had begun to limit the critical information they transmitted.  Most of what they did send now was either entirely administrative or personal.

“Now, we’re headed back home.  Lieutenant Commander Perkins, I understand some of the other officers will be throwing you a congratulatory party, so I expect you to be appropriately surprised.”  Daniel smiled, “you are dismissed.”


The Temple of Light will be available on 14 January.  Find out more here.

The Temple of Light: Snippet One

the-temple-of-light-kindle-v2Here’s the first snippet of The Temple of Light!


Gamma Leporis System

Colonial Republic

July 1, 2409

Lieutenant Alanis Giovanni ducked as gunfire ripped down the alleyway behind her and bullets tore through the air over her head.  “This is all your fault!” Alanis shouted as she ducked into a doorway next to Lieutenant Commander Forrest Perkins.

“Me?” He asked, even as he squatted and then leaned out to fire his pistol.  “You’re the one that mentioned Reese’s name, all I did was find the guy selling illegal artifacts.”

Alanis couldn’t argue with that.  As soon as she’d mentioned her ex-husband’s name, the situation had gone from a shady business deal to a running gunfight.  They’d come down here in civilian clothing to attract less attention, but right now, she wished they’d been suited up for combat.

Alanis peeked down the alleyway.  She only saw a couple of the artifact smugglers at that end, which probably meant the others were flanking them.  She pulled out her comm and spoke into it, “Gunny Tam, we need that extraction.”

“We’re on the way,” Gunny Tam said.  “ETA five minutes.”

“What do they say?” Forrest demanded as he fired again.    He’d lost his earbud in their mad scramble through the town.  He barely fit his tall, lanky frame into the narrow alcove, though when they’d been running, Alanis had barely been able to keep up.

“Five minutes,” Alanis said to Forrest.  Her small frame fit into the little bit of cover just fine.

“How are you on ammo?” Forrest asked.

“Have you seen me firing at all for the past ten minutes?” Alanis asked.  “I fired off both my magazines just getting out of the warehouse.”  She’d killed a few of their attackers in the process, which might have been a mistake.  The smugglers seemed to be the types to hold grudges.

“Well,” Forrest said, “I’ve got three rounds left.”

“Keep their heads down,” Alanis said.  She turned to the door and pulled out her datapad.  As she plugged it in, she noticed the bullet lodged in the screen.  The smart-crystal screen had shattered, but apparently her personal datapad’s thick circuitry had stopped the bullet.  Which doesn’t do me much good right now, she thought as she threw it aside.  “Give me your datapad,” Alanis snapped.

“It’s in my back pocket,” Forrest said as he leaned over and fired.  Down the alleyway, someone screamed.  A rattle of gunfire came from both directions and both Alanis and Forrest went flat against the doorway as bullets screamed past and bits of brick and stonework shattered around them.

“Which pocket!” Alanis screamed.

“Left cheek, left cheek!” Forest shouted, even as he fired off his second-to-last round.

Alanis pulled out his data pad and hooked it into her cable.  “Seriously?!” she demanded, “this thing is like twenty years old!  It doesn’t even have any software upgrades!”

“I just use it for messaging!” Forrest shouted as he ducked back.

Alanis didn’t bother to respond.  She finished hacking the door’s electronic lock and the metal security door for the warehouse clicked open.  “Inside!” She shouted.  As Forrest followed her in, she slammed the door and triggered the lock from the inside.  “That should hold them for a moment, come on.”

“That’s come on, sir.” Forrest smirked as he followed her at a jog.  “Can I get my datapad back?”

“This barely even qualifies as a datapad, sir.” Alanis shook the offensive bit of equipment.  “I’ve got a music player with more capabilities.”

“It does what I need it for…”

They paused as they heard the sound of impacts on the door to the warehouse.  “That’s not going to hold them long,” Alanis said.

“Anything useful in here?” Forrest moved over to a heavy crate, the top covered by a tarp.  He sighed, “Mratha rice.”

“Well, at least we won’t starve,” Alanis said.  She threw back another tarp and wrinkled her nose in distaste.  Mratha rice was a healthy, nutritional grain that basically tasted like cardboard.  It also smelled sort of like old gym socks.

Someone opened fire on the door and bullets ricocheted through the warehouse.  Alanis cursed and took off in the other direction.  She skidded to a halt, though, as she saw a set of offices off to the side, “this way, there may be a door!”  I am never going to insist on going on one of these again, Alanis thought.  It was all supposed to be simple.  Meet the smugglers, see if they knew anything about Reese.  Yet this was the third time one of these meetings had ended in gunfire.  Three for three, she thought.

She and Forrest rushed over, just as they heard their attackers kick in the door behind them.  As someone sprayed gunfire through the warehouse, Alanis dove through the doorway to the offices.  Glass shattered as windows exploded inwards and the archaic displays shattered.  “They’re firing blind, at least,” Forrest muttered as he crawled across the floor, pushing a wave of broken glass ahead of him.

“They’re trying to keep our heads down,” Alanis snapped.  It was working, too.  The smugglers were local, they probably knew where the other entrances were to this warehouse and they probably just wanted to keep them pinned in while they got in position.  With how dilapidated most of the neighborhood was, she doubted any kind of law enforcement would arrive soon enough to help.  Another few minutes for Gunny Tam, she thought.

She glanced up and her eyes widened as she saw the shotgun in place under the desk.  Apparently the office manager didn’t feel this was a quality neighborhood either.  She pulled the shotgun down and checked it.  It was local manufacture, a simple pump action, but it was better than nothing.  She dragged it with her as she backed across the floor.

“Where did you find that?” Forrest demanded.

“I’ve got resources,” Alanis smirked.  They came up to the back of the office and Alanis tried the door.  It opened, but just on a storage closet, filled with cleaning supplies.  Worse, the thin plastic walls wouldn’t stop any bullets.  It was a place to die, not one to hold out for help.

“Alright, we need to move,” Forrest said.  She could hear shouts as the smugglers moved through the warehouse.  They didn’t have much time.

“Split up?” Alanis asked.

Forrest nodded.  “I’ll work my way around the right, you go left.”

Alanis hesitated.  Right led back towards the door they’d come in.  Their attackers probably had more people concentrated there.  She didn’t know if he’d chosen that direction because it held the most risk or because he wanted to protect her… or because she had a comm unit still and could summon help for both of them.

On impulse she reached out, caught him by the collar and pulled him in for a kiss.  It was short, passionate and it sent an electric thrill through her.  “Be careful,” she said.  Technically their relationship was within the regulations, they weren’t under same command: he was the ship’s XO, she was in the tactical department.  Keep telling yourself that, she thought.

She moved to the side door of the office and then out into the warehouse without a look back.

As further gunfire echoed, she bit her lip and stayed low, keeping quiet even as bullets impacted crates of Mratha rice and sent grains raining down on her.  A moment later, she froze at the sound of a footstep, just around the corner.

“That fucking bitch,” an accented voice said, “she killed Nori.  When we get her, I’m going to kill her and rape her.”

“Only if she doesn’t kill you first, Jas,” a nervous voice said.  “She zakked Nori fast.   Two shots, bam-bam.”  He had a similar, rolling accent, different from most that Alanis had heard.

“Shut up,” Jas whispered.  “I’m not afraid of no woman.”

“I don’t want to die, Jas,” the second man said.

Alanis didn’t wait to hear more.  As their footsteps drew near, she rolled around the corner and leveled the shotgun on the nearest man.  As Jas’s rifle came around, she fired the shotgun.  The heavy shot ripped open the man’s torso and he fell back.  Alanis worked the pump action, even as the second smuggler let out a panicked shout and turned to run.  Her second shot caught the man in the back and he dropped to the ground with a wail.

Alanis worked the pump, ejecting another shell and then crawled forward.  She heard shouts and running feet, then a single shot from the far side of the office and a scream.  I hope Forrest gets another weapon, she thought, even as she reached the fallen smuggler.  She picked up his rifle and checked it.  It was an unfamiliar model, but she worked the action and chambered a round.  She dug through the dead smuggler’s pockets until she found another couple of magazines.  Next time, she told herself, I’m bringing more ammunition, I don’t care how it looks.

The smuggler she’d shot in the back gave a whimper as he tried to crawl away.  Alanis saw that he had dragged himself along, his legs limp, with a broad trail of blood behind him.  “She’s over here!” he shouted, “help me!”

Alanis took careful aim and fired.  The smuggler dropped lifeless to the ground.

Yet a moment later she heard more gunfire and she rolled away as bullets tore through the crate next to her.  Alanis abandoned the shotgun and crawled away as fast as she could.  Her boots cleared the corner just as flashlights illuminated the dead smuggler and more gunfire riddled his corpse.  These guys are a little trigger-happy, now, aren’t they?

“There’s one over here!” Someone shouted, just as gunfire picked up from the far side of the warehouse.  As the flashlights turned away, Alanis pivoted around the corner and brought her rifle up.  She could barely see the two men in the dim light, but she didn’t hesitate.  She fired four times in as many seconds and both men dropped to the ground, wounded or dead.  She took off at a crouch, running the opposite direction, just as more gunfire tore through the warehouse where she’d been.

As she reached the far end of the warehouse, she heard a roar of engines outside the building.  “We’re here,” Gunny Tam barked over her earbud.

“I’m at the rear of the building,” Alanis said.  “Lieutenant Commander Perkins is near the front of the building.  Ten or more hostiles inside, undetermined number outside.”

“Roger,” Gunny Tam said.  “We’re making a door.”

“Marines inbound!” Alanis shouted, even as she dropped to the ground and covered her ears.  This was going to be loud…

As the back wall of the warehouse blew inwards, she was very glad that the Constellation had upgraded their Marines to powered armor.


The Temple of Light will be available on 14 January.  Find out more here.

Announcing The Temple of Light

the-temple-of-light-kindle-v2The Temple of Light, Book V of the Shadow Space Chronicles, will be available on January 14th.  So ring in your new-year with exploding space ship goodness.  Here’s the cover and blurb, snippets to follow soon!

The greatest threat is the one that you don’t see coming.

Lieutenant Alannis Giovanni has proven herself in battle, but now she has to face a far more personal threat.  Her ex-husband, Reese, plans to activate an alien superweapon located at the Temple of Light that could devastate entire star systems and Alannis is the only one who can stop him.

She and the crew of the UCS Constellation will have to fight off Reese’s other pursuers, infiltrate pirate bastions, and defeat aliens bent upon the destruction of humanity in an effort to stop Reese from activating the superweapon.
It’s a dangerous mission, one where a single misstep could not only doom entire star systems, but embroil the United Colonies in a multiway war.  Yet Alannis has little choice.  She has to stop her ex-husband no matter the cost.
It’s a race to the Temple of Light, and whoever gets there first will have the power to destroy worlds.

The Prodigal Emperor is Now Live!

The Prodigal Emperor, Book III of the Shadow Space Chronicles
The Prodigal Emperor, Book III of the Shadow Space Chronicles

The Prodigal Emperor is now available from Amazon and will be coming soon to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Itunes.  The Prodigal Emperor is the third book of the Shadow Space Chronicles and concludes the story arc of Lucius Giovanni’s battle to save Nova Roma from the Chxor Empire.

Baron Lucius Giovanni has done the impossible: not only has he held the alien Chxor at bay, he has taken the fight to them and liberated human worlds. Yet humanity’s implacable foe has drawn a line in the sand. They will hold Nova Roma at all costs… or see it a scorched ruin.

Lucius must aid Nova Roma’s Emperor and liberate his homeworld, but along the way he must also deal with old and new adversaries and with a conspiracy that seeks to usurp control of his fleet.

Nova Roma’s Emperor is going home, and Lucius will go beside him, for if he cannot overcome these obstacles, then humanity’s last hope will be overcome and the Chxor will enslave and exterminate the remaining free worlds.

Pick up your copy of The Prodigal Emperor today!

The Prodigal Emperor, Snippet One

Here’s the first snippet from The Prodigal Emperor:

Halcyon Colony, Garris Major System


November 20, 2403

Captain Garret Penwaithe swished the cheap liquor around his mouth for a moment, just long enough to numb his taste buds enough that he could swallow it without gagging.

“This is your idea of a date?” Ensign Abigail Gordon asked – shouted really – over the raucous music that rattled the rickety table at which they sat.

“This is not a date,” Garret growled, irritated as much with himself as with her for the statement. The War Dogs were a mercenary organization, so they were quite a bit more lax on things like fraternization than the military. Even so, he was not about to date the little sister of his ex-girlfriend. Especially since his ex-girlfriend was now married to his older brother. For one thing, he thought glumly, even if it wasn’t wrong in so many ways, Jessica would kill me.

“I mean,” Abigail shouted, “the food is terrible, the setting is worse, why even come here?” She wasn’t wrong. The bar was a dive, one which was overrun by mercenaries and privateers of the worst sort, brought here by the call of loot to be taken in the fight against the Colonial Republic. Few of them cared that Halycon Colony fought for freedom. Fewer still had any real loyalty to the government that had hired them. Many of them were the type of scum that followed Admiral Mannetti. Almost on cue, across the room, he saw the pirate, Stavros Heraklion, step through the door, followed by two women from his crew.

Great, he thought, when this goes down, I’ll need to remember to watch my back, especially with his grudge against the War Dogs. He wished that the Commodore had told him more about why he and Stavros hated each other so much.

Abigail cleared her throat impatiently and Garret sighed, “You mentioned nightmares, problems sleeping? This is the best way I know to blow off some steam and get your mind level.” Well, he thought, not the best way, but I’m not going to tell you to go get laid. He might give that advice to some of his other recruits, but he didn’t want Abigail to take that the wrong way.

“Hey,” a voice growled from behind him, “pretty girl, what you doing with this loser? Me and my friends are a lot more fun.”

Right on cue, Garret thought. He glanced over his shoulder to see one of the privateers he had seen at the bar earlier. “Get lost,” Garret said.

“Yeah, get lost,” Abigail echoed. She looked back at Garret, “What do you mean by blow off some steam?” Her upturned nose and freckles made her look absurdly young.

“Heya, girly, I don’t think you understand,” the privateer leaned over the table and even over his unwashed stink of body odor and sweat, Garret could smell the alcohol on his breath. “That wasn’t an invitation, it was a warning. This worm here is wearing War Dogs uniform. You set with him much longer and you might get grouped with him.”

“The War Dogs are great!” Abigail said, her voice far louder than she had realized. “How about you get lost, asshole!”

Garret heard stools scrape across the floor behind him as the privateer’s friends stood up. The privateer leaning over the table gave a snarl and pushed Abigial, hard, so that she and her chair fell back. She rolled to her feet and brought her hands up defensively. Good reflexes, Garret noted.

Garret slammed his elbow into the man’s midriff and as the privateer grunted and bent over, he grabbed him by his dreadlocks and smashed his face into the table top. The flimsy table collapsed, but the privateer went down with it. Garret wiped his hands on his pants, he hated dreadlocks.

Garret saw the man’s friends start forward out of the corner of his eye. He stood from his chair in a smooth, easy motion. His two meter tall frame rose over the other men and his black face split in a grin that showed them even, white teeth. He saw a couple of them step back in fear. Well, Garret thought cheerfully, I can be one imposing son of a bitch when I want.

Abigail came up beside him, “What’s going on?” she asked.

“A good way to work some of that out is a nice bar fight,” Garret said just loud enough for her to hear. He cocked his head as he recognized the purple uniforms of the privateers. “Say, you’re from the Damien Walters, eh? Should have known a bunch of cowards who’d stand by and watch their captain gunned down wouldn’t have the balls for a real fight.” Garret didn’t know the details, but he had heard that Stavros had gunned down their captain in a duel.

Imposing or not, they came at him. I guess that was a sore point, Garret thought as he caught the first man and used him as a shield against two of the others. After a moment he threw his man into another and watched them both go down.

“How is this supposed to help me?” Abigail said as she ducked under a wild swing and then smashed the bottle of cheap liquor across the man’s head. Someone cut the music and the shattering glass carried clearly through the bar. Garret winced as the pungent brew stung his nose and eyes in a way that only rotgut liquor could.

Garret caught another man’s swing and swung him into the other two as they struggled to their feet. The three stayed down and Garret grunted in disgust, “Eh, not much of a fight anyway…”

He heard tables and chairs shifting behind him, then and glanced over to see a lot more of the purple uniforms come out of the crowd. “Or… I could be wrong.”

Garret lost track of Abigail as a wave of purple uniforms washed over them. Garret was a brawler and though he’d some hand to hand training, that always seemed to go out the window in a fight like this. He caught up his chair and used it to fend two of his attackers away and kicked another man in the crotch as he came at him from the side.

Garret didn’t see the fourth man until the blow caught him from the other side. His attacker hit him again, this time in the side of the head and Garret stumbled to the ground, his ears ringing. He grunted as someone kicked him in the ribs.

He had time to shake his head and clear it a bit, just as he saw one of the privateers draw his pistol. A few meters away, he saw two others held Abigail by her arms. The one with the pistol gave a “He’s one of the War Dogs, you heard what Admiral Mannetti said, some of them dies in a bar fight and she might well cut that crew some extra shares.”

Garret felt his blood go cold. Suddenly this had escalated far beyond a friendly bar brawl. Stupid, he thought, I shouldn’t have forgotten about the politics down here and now not just me, but Abigail will be paying the price too.

“We can have a bit of fun with this one, first, eh?” One of Abigail’s captors said as he ran a hand through her blonde hair.

She spat in his face and almost pulled her arm free.

Garret saw his arm go back to strike her. Before he could finish the blow, another hand caught his. A tall man, dressed in skin-tight, red leather pants and a white button-down shirt, open to the waist stood behind the privateer. Garret instantly recognized Captain Stavros Heraklion although he had no idea why he had stopped the blow. The privateer tried to free his hand, but Stavros held him with little apparent effort, “Ah, I see that striking women is something that Captain Walters trained your crew on, eh, boys?”

The tone of threat in his voice was enough to penetrate the drunkest of the bar crowd. The handful of patrons that hadn’t backed away or cleared out made for the door. Behind Stavros, the two women from his crew stood, hands on weapons.

The privateer with a pistol glanced down at his weapon, as if to reassure himself. “Stavros,” he spat the name like a curse. “This is none of your business.”

“Oh, I think it is,” Stavros said. He gave a nod at Garret, “Now, while I can appreciate getting the upper hand in a fight like this, well, he’s been assigned to my squadron. As much as I… dislike the War Dogs, well, you put him down and it’ll take his gunboats out of the fight. You do that, and it’ll make me look bad.”

He released the privateer’s hand and stepped to the side. “And as for her… well, slapping around a woman is something I think it best to discourage, unless they’re into that sort of thing.” He leaned in towards Abigail, “I dunno, are you into that?”

Abigail flushed, “No – no,” she stuttered.

Stavros turned back to the leader of the privateers. “Well, then, see? There’s two good reasons for me to put a stop to it… plus I think any men who worked for a ball-less fuck-puppet like Damien Walters are cowards and cretins.”

The man with the pistol flushed red and Garret saw his hand tremble on his pistol. Yet the easy way that Stavros’s hands had come to rest on his own pair of pistols seemed to take the wind out of him. “Admiral Mannetti will hear about this.”

“Oh, dear,” Stavros said, his eyes wide. “Well, do give her Commodore Stavros’s regards, eh?”

The privateers began to clear out and after a moment, Garret managed to stand, though his head still spun a bit. He gave Stavros a slow nod, “Thanks.” The gratitude burned a bit, for there was no doubt that the man would brag about it at some point later. Commodore Pierce is going to be angry about this too, Garret thought.

“It is nothing!” Stavros said with an extravagant wave. “I just like to tweak those men in their ridiculous purple uniforms. Have they no sense of style? If I hadn’t already killed Damien Walters, I would shoot him again for crimes against fashion.”

Garret looked over Stavros’s tight red leather pants and the oiled chest hair that showed from his open shirt and just shook his head. Not worth saying anything, Garret thought, besides, he did just save my life. That his life had depended upon the flighty pirate at all almost made Garret want to throw up. Stavros was a womanizer, a philanderer, and a card cheat. He was also a pirate of the worst sort and whatever self-interest had made him step in was all that prevented Garret and Abigail from dying.

Garret wasn’t certain if it was possible for the night to get any worse.

Abigail looked over at Garret, her face a bit pale. “Well,” she said, “as first dates go, this was pretty terrible. You really better make it up to me.”


The Prodigal Emperor is available for Pre-Order on Amazon and will be published on September 19th, 2015.

Baron Lucius Giovanni has done the impossible: not only has he held the alien Chxor at bay, he has taken the fight to them and liberated human worlds.  Yet humanity’s implacable foe has drawn a line in the sand.  They will hold Nova Roma at all costs… or see it a scorched ruin.
Lucius must aid Nova Roma’s Emperor and liberate his homeworld, but along the way he must also deal with old and new adversaries and with a conspiracy that seeks to usurp control of his fleet.
Nova Roma’s Emperor is going home, and Lucius will go beside him, for if he cannot overcome these obstacles, then humanity’s last hope will be overcome and the Chxor will enslave and exterminate the remaining free worlds.

The Prodigal Emperor Now Available for Pre-order!

I’m excited to announce that The Prodigal Emperor, book III of The Shadow Space Chronicles will go live on September 19th, 2015.  This is the third book of the series and concludes the starting trilogy.  I’ll be posting some snippets and samples on the blog soon!

Baron Lucius Giovanni has done the impossible: not only has he held the alien Chxor at bay, he has taken the fight to them and liberated human worlds.  Yet humanity’s implacable foe has drawn a line in the sand.  They will hold Nova Roma at all costs… or see it a scorched ruin.
Lucius must aid Nova Roma’s Emperor and liberate his homeworld, but along the way he must also deal with old and new adversaries and with a conspiracy that seeks to usurp control of his fleet.
Nova Roma’s Emperor is going home, and Lucius will go beside him, for if he cannot overcome these obstacles, then humanity’s last hope will be overcome and the Chxor will enslave and exterminate the remaining free worlds.
The Prodigal Emperor is available on Amazon for pre-order here and will be published on September 19th, 2015.