What’s on Kal’s Reading List

Hey everyone.  Just a short post as I note a few books that have come out recently that I’m itching to read.  I thought I’d note them for you, so you can check them out too!

First up is Jason Cordova’s Darkling.  It’s the second book of his Kin Wars series and just from the cover, it looks awesome.  As one friend of mine said, nobody is going to argue with someone who carries a sword like that.  Having met Jason, I have no doubt that he can tell a fun, fast-paced story and I plan on reading it and posting a review as soon as life calms down long enough to let me.


Next up is a co-authored book that I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about.  Chris Kennedy and Thomas A. May’s The Mutineer’s Daughter.  It’s military space opera where a father and daughter are faced with conflicting duties and responsibilities, and where they have to chose to follow orders, or to do the right thing.  Again, it’s got a fantastic cover and a great story description, so I’ll be giving it a look soon.

If you end up reading (or have read) either of them, let me know what you think!

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