Review – Renegades: Out of the Cold by Kal Spriggs

A review up for Renegades: Out of the Cold over at between the bookshelves.



29764009Genres: science fiction
Series: Renegades #2
Synopsis for Out of the Cold: The Renegades are coming out of the cold. 
They have escaped from an alien prison, stolen a ship, survived pirate attacks, and now they are finally returning to civilization. 
Yet civilization brings all new threats. Old enemies await and new enemies abound. They’ll have to work together to survive, even as their own pasts and fortunes seek to tear them apart. Along the way, they’ll face an infamous assassin, slavers, bounty hunters, and get caught up in the biggest war that humanity has ever seen.
Because the Chxor are coming and if the Renegades won’t help stop them, who will?
Rating: Farm-Fresh_starFarm-Fresh_starFarm-Fresh_star
The author was kind enough to give me a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This does not in any way affect my review of this series.
I enjoyed this installment just as…

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