Kal’s November 2015 Forecast

November is here, which means 2015 is rapidly coming to a close.  Looking back so far, I’ve had four books published this year, I’ve finished an additional novel, and I hope to have two more finished and sent off to my beta readers by the end of the year.

Most recently, Henchman Press just released my book, Odin’s Eye, the sequel to Fenris Unchained.  What excited me about that novel was trying to one-up myself.  Fenris Unchained is a novel full of twists and turns, a spy-thriller set in the far future.  Odin’s Eye takes that basis and goes the route of a high-tech heist, as the characters must steal a sophisticated computer algorithm from a high security facility on a corporate-owned planet.  Think Ocean’s Eleven (the newer one) set in space with mercenaries, cyborgs, and genetically modified super soldiers.

For this month, I’m trying to close out The Fate of the Tyrant and I’m starting to spin up on Renegades: Out of the Cold.  My goal is to finish the next Renegades book by mid-December and to move on to other works.

In other news, I’ve got a day job now and I’ll soon be relocating to Denver.  While Colorado Springs has been home for me for the past three years, I’m excited to give Denver a try.  Plus, as a bonus, it’s still Colorado, my favorite state.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and take care!

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