Drat, Foiled Again…

Well, if you’ve noticed the dead silence around here, there’s a reason: my laptop computer died.  And by died, I mean it went completely non-recoverable, complete flatline, OS not found.  Fortunately I don’t save any of my writing files on my hard drive.  Unfortunately, my ancient notebook isn’t capable of running much more than a word document and my desktop computers aren’t great for traveling, which I was doing a lot of at the time.

So, as you can imagine, I haven’t been able to do much writing for blog posts or updating here.  My monthly newsletter, of which the first will go out in only a couple days, will be out on time.  I had a nicely written review for Ant Man, but that I had saved on the hard drive, and since it’s been out this long, I’ll just say I had a lot of fun.

I have a release date planned for The Prodigal Emperor, but I’m waiting to hear back on little things like the cover, so I’m not going to make it public just yet.  Subscribers to the newsletter will get an exclusive first look at the first two chapters.  Also, subscribers this month get a chance to win a signed copy of Wrath of the Usurper.  Don’t miss out and sign up today!

That’s all for now, I promise to be back online as soon.  Thanks for reading!

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