Kal’s April 2015 Forecast

I thought about putting this up for the first, but I didn’t feel that was auspicious given the day.  April is finally here and I’ve already begun writing The Prodigal Emperor.  Here in April I’ve got a busy schedule for writing: I’ve got to finish The Prodigal Emperor (Book 3 of The Shadow Space Chronicles), I’ve got to finish the outline for two books due to publishers later this year, outline and do a cover for Renegades: Out of the Cold, and hopefully get some writing done on that as well.

I’m starting to hear back from my alpha readers about Wrath of the Usurper (Eoriel Saga Book II) and while I’ve got some editing to do, it is looking to be on track for release in early June.    I hope to have the cover for Wrath of the Usurper from the artist later this month as well.

In other news, I’ll be at Starfest in Denver, Colorado on April 17-19, moderating a couple panels with more details to come.  That’s all for now and thanks for reading.

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