Upcoming: Fenris Unchained

I’m proud to announce that my deal with Henchman Press to release my science fiction novel, Fenris Unchained, is official.   Fenris Unchained is set in a new universe and starts a new series of character-driven space opera.

The Wolf is Loose.

Ten years ago, after her parents’ deaths in a terrorist attack, Melanie Armstrong walked away from a military officer’s career to raise her orphaned brother.

Since then she’s been captain of a tramp freighter – shuffling from world to world, scraping to barely get by, but content that she’s made the right decision.

But when her ship crashes, authorities make her an offer: take a fifteen-year sentence on a prison world where the average lifespan is a third of that.. or stop an ancient and until-now forgotten robotic warship, the Fenris, from completing its hundred-year-old mission to kill millions of people and destroy a planet.

Fenris Unchained will be coming near the end of February 2015.  Check here soon for samples, cover art and more!

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