Kal’s November 2014 Forecast

I’m working steadily through Book II of the Eoriel Saga, Wrath of the Usurper.  Got to say, all in all, I’m very pleased with the sales for The Shattered Empire, it’s back on the top 100 for Military Science Fiction.  If you liked it, please recommend it to your friends or write a review.  Heck, if you didn’t like it, please write a review.  Reviews help authors in a number of ways, not least of which by providing some feedback.

What else am I working on this month?  Well, it is national write a novel month.  If an estimated 180k novel isn’t enough to work on, I’m also trying to complete the YA SF novel I was working on.  We’ll see how that progresses.  I’m also in talks with Henchman Press to possibly deliver a space opera novel to them in an unspecified period of time.  That’s enough on my plate, don’t you think?

Well, that’s all for now.  Stay tuned for additional updates!




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