Echo of the High Kings is Live!

Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs
Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs

Echo of the High Kings is now live!  You can pick it up at Amazon (exclusively) in digital format.  The paperback is coming soon.  Echo of the High Kings is the first book of a new epic fantasy series, The Eoriel Saga, with complex characters, difficult decisions, a magic system that follows the principles of physics, and most importantly: ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

In Eoriel, the High Kings are legend: rulers who once stood against the darkness and ruled the world for two thousand turns of peace and prosperity. In the long turns since their fall during the Sundering, Eoriel’s civilization has faded. Dark men and darker beings have torn down and destroyed the old works. While some have held out against the grind of history, other places have been reduced to primitive tribes of savages, worshiping dark spirits and demons as their gods.
Yet a spark of hope remains. Some still believe in the old legends, some still fight to restore the old ways, and some will stand against the darkness, in an echo of the High Kings.

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