Renegades Book Bomb!

Renegades: Declaration goes live tomorrow.   It is the third novella of the Renegades series.  For those of you who intend to buy it, I’m trying to stage a book bomb at 12 noon, EST (10 am Mountain). For those of you who don’t know what a book bomb is… it’s selling as many books as possible in as short a time as possible. As an author, book bombs are ideal because they push our author rank up on Amazon and increase our chances that we’ll get seen by more readers. So if you plan on buying the third novella of the Renegades series, help out a bit and wait until 12 noon, EST.

Below is a blurb about Renegades: Declaration:

Pixel is an engineer on the run from his own past. He doesn’t understand people and he’s focused on the things he can understand: machinery, mathematics, and design. Now he’s on the run from the alien Chxor, after he and his new friends escaped from a prison station, hijacked a ship, and managed to sabotage a lot of Chxor orbital infrastructure in the process. They’re far beyond safe human space and they’ve had to work together to survive.

Pixel has come to trust the mismatched group of humans and aliens that have become his friends. The thing is, they want to select a leader, a Captain for their crew. Pixel knows it is a bad idea… and worse, it looks like blood is about to be spilled over who might become the Captain.

It shouldn’t be Pixel’s job to solve it. He fixes problems with machines… not those of friendship, trust and leadership. But he knows if he doesn’t do something, this election might well turn into a bloodbath. Worse yet, as it calls up echoes of his past, Pixel wonders not only if he can intervene, but if he can do so in a way that will not make things worse.

The new cover for Renegades: Declaration The third Renegades novella
The new cover for Renegades: Declaration
The third Renegades novella

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