Eoriel Geography

Eoria is a world of three continents.  The cradle of civilization has always been the eastern continent, Eoriel.  The many races of men who have come there have typically come from Aoriel, the largest continent, found in the western hemisphere.

Their migrations typically came along the spine of the rugged northern continent, Noriel, and island chains that connect it to Aoriel and Eoriel.

Eoriel was once home to the High Kingdom, and is currently home to the remnants: the Five Duchies.  Asador, Boir, Marovingia, Taral, and Masov are all lands and nations unto themselves… but against the greater threats that they face, they cannot stand alone.

The Duchy of Masov
Eoriel and Noriel Map
Eoriel and Noriel Map

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