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Website Update: Web Store

For those of you interested, I’ve got the web store up and operational.  You can find it here or visit the store link at the top of the page.  It is hosted on FB, since doing it here on wordpress would cost me more than I think I’ll make (please, prove me wrong and I’ll move it over here, I promise!)

There’s only three products for now: two shirts and a mug.  I’ll put a few more things up over the next few days as I get some of the art in.  See below for images of what you can find in the store (images are linked to the store).

Renegades: Origins Anubus shirt.  Get yours today!
Renegades: Origins Anubus shirt. Get yours today!
Run's mug is very important to him.
Run’s mug is very important to him.
Be sure you don't drink anything he offers you.
Be sure you don’t drink anything he offers you.
Rastar's keen grasp of history is only exceeded by his way with words.
Rastar’s keen grasp of history is only exceeded by his way with words.

Forums, Store, and Audio Snippets

Good morning everyone!   Just a heads up on some of the things I’m working on.  I’m looking into an online forum, setting up a web store where you can buy T-shirts and other stuff, and doing some other updates to my website.

Right now I’ve got a few ideas of what to put in said web store, but I’d love some feedback.  What kinds of things would you like to see? Signed books?   T-shirts?  Coffee/Tea mugs?  Anubus plush dolls?  Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll put it up.  I hope to have it set up sometime in the next couple weeks, but I’ll be able to add and remove products depending mostly on interest.

The forum is also a work in progress, though it may take me another month or so to get started on it.  A big part of forums is participation, so I’ll be checking it regularly and hopefully those of you into such things can have some fun discussions there.

Lastly, I’m working with a very talented young woman to start doing some promotional audio snippets for my Renegades series.  Depending on interest, I may do those for some of my other books.  I’ll post links when I get the chance, but again, I’ll want some feedback from people.

Lastly, Renegades: Out of the Cold has been out for almost two weeks.  If you read and enjoyed it (or even if you didn’t like it), please post a review!  Reviews are how Amazon recommends books to readers.  I currently have zero reviews for just over a hundred sales.  Reviews help new readers to find me, so if you get the chance, please post a review!