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COSine 2017

For those in Colorado, I’ll be attending COSine, a Colorado Springs Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

It’s a fun little convention, if you haven’t been before.  I highly recommend it.  There’s always a few excellent authors in attendance and they have a variety of great topics for their panels.

My schedule:

11-noon    Characters in Combat (Breckenridge)
5:15 – 7pm   Author Reception and Mass Signing (Ballroom)

10-11am   How much does that Star Cruiser cost – fictional economics  (Breckenridge)

The author reception and signing is particularly fun, so if you don’t get a chance to do much else, I recommend that especially.

CoSine 2016 in Review

CoSine Panel on How to Intelligently Torture Your Characters
CoSine Panel on How to Intelligently Torture Your Characters

CoSine 2016 is now come and gone.  As with last year, I really enjoyed this convention and I fully plan to return next year, schedule permitting.


Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get much time at this year’s CoSine, since I had to work all day Saturday and Sunday.  I did get to participate in a couple panels on Friday and the author signing on Saturday.  The Guest of Honor this year was the most excellent Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files.  If you haven’t been reading his books already, you really, really should.

My first panel was on Doing Horrible Things To Your Characters (Intelligently).  It was a fun panel and I got the chance to be on it with Sarah Hoyt, Jim Butcher, and Connie Willis, with Marie Desjardin as the Moderator.  It was a fun panel, with references to Joss Whedon, Twilight, George RR Martin… and that was just the opening question.  Without a doubt, my favorite panel thus far this year and setting a high bar for future panels.  Marie was a great moderator and all the panelists had some great things to say.

The signing on Saturday was great, although I wish I’d been able to attend more than just that.  Still, it was good to talk with some of my readers in person (and hopefully to convert a few new readers as well).

Speaking of which, the opening release of The Freeport Mutineers went great!  It peaked out around #6 on SF and Fantasy Short Reads on Amazon and I’m hoping that it reached a lot of new readers.  If you missed it while it was free, don’t worry, I’ll put it up for free again in March during Starfest in Denver.

All in all, CoSine was a great convention and I’ll definitely be returning next year (hopefully with more time at the convention!).


See Kal at CoSine

For those of you in Colorado, I’ll be at the CoSine convention in Colorado Springs this coming weekend (22-24 January 2016).

CoSine is a smaller convention but one I really enjoy because they have fantastic programming, great organization, and everyone there is super friendly.  The guest of honor this year is none other than Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files.   There will also be a host of great authors and panelists.

One of the cooler aspects of the event is they have drinks and food on Saturday night at the Author Reception and Signing.  For authors, it’s a great way to hang out in a much more relaxed situation.

I’m a bit more limited this year because I’m also having to do Army Reserve training during the weekend, so I’ll miss out on most of Saturday and all day Sunday, but I’ll attend a couple panels Friday afternoon and I’ll be there at the Author Reception on Saturday.

Here’s my schedule:


4 PM: How to Intelligently do Horrible Things to Your Characters

5 PM: The Singularity and Social Media


5:30 PM: Author Reception and Signing

Please come down and see me at the Con (or that other, way more famous guy, Jim Butcher).

CoSine 2015

Just a quick update.  I’ll be at CoSine 2015 in Colorado Springs this coming weekend.  The convention will be held at the Hotel Elegante and it runs 23-25 January.  There’s a lot going on for a relatively small convention, so if you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

I’m excited for this convention because it has a good guest line-up and it looks like I’ll be on several interesting panels.  Friday night I’ll be on Applying Modern Morals to Speculative Fiction with Connie Willis, Saturday at 1 pm I’ll be on Repercussions of Magic with Sarah Hoyt followed by Female Characters in F&SF at  4pm, and then Sunday at 2pm I’ll be on Research for Fiction Writers.   I think they’ll all be fun panels.

I’ll also be at the author signing on Saturday from around 5pm to 7pm both to sign books and if anyone wants to get paperback copies, I’ll have a few extra on me.

Kal’s January 2015 Forecast

2015 is here, and boy is it busy already.  Production continues on the audiobooks for The Shattered Empire and Renegades: Origins.  I’m continuing work on Wrath of the Usurper and plan to have it done and the first version out to my alpha readers by the end of the month.  I’ve got The Prodigal Emperor outlined and I’m outlining Renegades: Out of the Cold in my free time.

If everything goes to plan, I’ll begin samples/snippets of Wrath of the Usurper sometime in February, followed by samples of The Prodigal Emperor.  I’m really excited to be working on both books and I can’t wait to get them ready and finished for publishing.  I can tell already that 2015 has the potential to be a great year and I’m starting it off with lots of projects.

I’ll be attending Cosine here in Colorado Springs from 23-25 January.  I’m excited to be participating in another local convention and this one looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.  Check here for the website.

That’s all for now, check back soon for reviews on some movies and some other content!