Coming Soon: Sorcerers of the Black Fortress

The enemy you don’t see is the one waiting to stab you in the back.

Aerion Swordbreaker has helped to overthrow the usurper and restore Lady Katarina to rule over the Duchy of Masov. In the process, he’s recovered the Starblade, a weapon and symbol of extreme power. But it has been broken for a thousand cycles, and repairing it may be beyond the powers of the greatest wizards who ever lived. This is an impossible quest, but that’s nothing new for Aerion and his companions.

Across the continent of Eoriel, ancient powers stir, some driven to help, but others will oppose his efforts at all costs. And close at hand, closer than he realizes, there are forces within the Duchy of Masov that will stop at nothing to kill him and destroy the Starblade. Because it represents the High Kings as a symbol of justice that must be removed.

An alliance is forming, of powers dark and terrible, and they’ve chosen their champions with care. The sorcerers of the Black Fortress have returned and they’ll send their monstrous creations across the land, scourging everything in their path, to ensure that Aerion’s quest fails and the era of the High Kings never returns.

Sorcerers of the Black Fortress will release on the 24th of March.

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