Coming Soon: Hidden Valor

Coming Soon!  The 3rd book of my Forsaken Valor series:

Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.

I’ve lived the past two years of my life on the ragged edge. Kidnapped by pirates, my family murdered, I’ve lived as a prisoner and escaped only to fight for my life on the streets. I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve stolen, and I’ve even killed to survive.

And now I’m at the center of my enemies’ most exclusive military institute, hidden under a stolen identity. I’ve managed to earn the trust and support of a small group of allies, and maybe, just maybe, I can use that to get back home.

But if I do that, I’ll probably get them killed. Even worse, someone has set them in the crosshairs of a plot that puts millions, maybe billions, of lives on the line. I can’t walk away, I can’t abandon them, not when the only advantage they have is me, a hidden dagger poised to strike at the Heart of Drakkus.


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