A Very Belated Update

Hey everyone.  Sorry it’s been so long between updates.  I’ve been dealing with personal issues, helping out family, and trying to help salvage a major exercise at work that has basically collapsed into a flaming pile of cards.

On top of that, the societal events and emotional isolation of the Coronapocalypse has basically left me pretty drained.

That said, I’ve finally got some bandwidth to take care of writing stuff again.  First off, I have to apologize.  Jormungandr’s Venom never went live and I missed the email from Amazon that there was a problem.  It was a simple problem, it didn’t take me long to fix, but the book has been held in limbo for months.  It should be fixed now and I’ll post a link when it goes live.

Next up, I’m trying to figure out all the different strands of novels at various positions of being finished.  I’ve got two or three that are almost ready to go out the door.  I actually have a set of covers ready to go and everything.  Hopefully I will be able to get them all out the door either later this month or early August.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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