Taking a Knee

No, this isn’t about spoiled rich idiots kneeling for the national anthem, I’m using the term in the military sense, in that when you’re dealing with a lot of sh– stuff, you have to just take a knee and catch your breath.

My father-in-law passed away last week, after losing a 2 year struggle with cancer.  Combined with the new job I’m working, some health issues of my dad, and some other things, I’m behind on writing, behind on editing, and generally, needing to get my bearings.

So I’m taking a knee, for a bit.  I need to be there for my wife and I need to have the emotional and mental time that my family needs right now.  I’ve still got blog posts scheduled, I’m still writing, I’m still editing, I’m still here, but I need to focus on my family just now.

Unfortunately, that means that Valor’s Cost is going to be delayed.  I just don’t have the time to get the edits done before the 31st, as much as I wanted to get it done.  The nature of the story is such that I really want to deliver the best story to my readers, and I can’t do that without being able to devote more time and effort to it than I’ve had.  Valor’s Cost will come out in September, date to be determined (hopefully by the 14th, but let’s see how life goes, right?).


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