Book Review: Fires of Caldarus

firesI’ve been a longtime fan of the comic series Crimson Dark, which is sort of a military science fiction version of Firefly.  It’s fun, has good humor, and has a solid story.  The graphics have also steadily grown better and better.  If you’re a fan of science fiction, I can’t suggest it enough.

Needless to say, I was excited to learn that the author, David C Simon, has also written a book.  Fires of Caldarus is a young adult fantasy novel, set in a new universe and it’s really fantastic.

The story is somewhat reminiscent of Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword.   The main character has elements of magic that she doesn’t understand, that she can’t understand without breaking with the acceptable norms of her society.

Fires of Cadlarus is exciting and it’s a page turner, the reader is swept along with Nemara as she tries to learn about her past, about her magic, and at the same time, tries to protect herself and her father.  There are elements of dramatic tension, as she encounters dangerous authority figures who, if they knew what she was, would torture her.

There is violence and there are some dark themes in the book.  But there’s also a great deal of hope.  There’s great elements of friendship and trust.  It’s a fun read and I’d love to see more books from David Simon (especially in this world and series).  I highly recommend this book.

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