New books! Kindle deals! It’s the January CLFA Booknado!

Here’s a bunch of new and discounted books that might appeal.

Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance

booknado-grfx-600wideStale, formulaic, establishment fiction cannot resist this gale-force gust of alternative storytelling. Why let Big Publishing’s cabal of easily-triggered Brooklynites decide what you get to read? Decide for yourself!

Don’t let cabin fever set in – open your mind and entertain your intellect with some fresh selections from this month’s CLFA Booknado!

New Releases

Freedom’s Light: Short Stories
The first-ever CLFA-endorsed anthology of short fiction!  Enjoy a variety of tales in assorted genres from CLFA members and supporters!

Forbidden Thoughts
This is the month for anthologies! Savor a witty intro by the great Milo Yiannopoulos and enjoy popular authors including John C. WrightL. Jagi LamplighterNick ColeLarry CorrieaBrad TorgersenBrian NiemierSarah Hoyt, and Vox Day.

Set to Kill: A Sean AP Ryan Novel (Convention Killings Book 2) by Declan Finn
Sean AP Ryan thought he was doing security for a science fiction convention…

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