Moving On…

For those of you who have been reading my stuff from the beginning, you’ll know that I got started in self-publishing with my Renegades novellas.  It all started with Renegades: Deserter’s Redemption.

From there I published The Gentle One, Declaration, and Ghost Story.   Feedback was pretty good, so I took the step and published my first novel, The Fallen Race.

I’ve recently come back to the Renegades Series, which I hope to write more regularly (I’ve got book three planned and I’ll start outlining in July).  What I’ve learned from the series is that having lots of separate small stories doesn’t draw the attention of readers as much as larger stories.  Also, it doesn’t sell as well.  I make more money off of one sale of the Renegades: Origins omnibus (even priced lower) than I do off of a reader buying all five of the novellas.

More than that, I’ve learned that readers can be confused when they see so many titles.  Daunting, I think, is the term.  I’ve been told by several people that they don’t know where to start.  I’ve also received negative reviews from people who started the novellas in the middle of the series.

Going forward, I’ll be publishing the Renegades stories as more traditional novels.  That means an end to the novella and short story format.  It also means I’ll be pulling the plug on the Renegades Novellas.  If you want to get a copy, I’d advise you to buy one soon, otherwise, you’ll “have” to buy the Omnibus (which has way more content for less overall price, I’m terrible, I know).

I’m also pulling the Renegades ebooks off of Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers (other than Amazon).  That will allow me to go Amazon exclusive.  Since that opens far more marketing opportunities for me (and chances to discount books for my readers), it’s the way to go for now.

For now, The Fallen Race ebooks will remain on these other retailers, but I may pull it in the near future as well.   The reasoning is simple, I sell far more through Amazon than I do through all the other retailers combined.  In fact, it isn’t worth the time for me to go through the painful process to upload a book with Smashwords to gain access to these other retailers.

Make no mistake, this is actually a step forward.  You may see fewer titles under my name, but that’s to help new readers find me more easily.

That’s all for now.   Thanks for reading.

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