Mark Wandrey’s Twilight Serenade

Earth Sons: Twilight Serenade by Mark Wandrey
Earth Sons: Twilight Serenade by Mark Wandrey

My fellow Henchman Press author, Mark Wandrey, has his latest book out.  Twilight Serenade is the fifth book of his space opera series.

I haven’t had a chance to read his series yet, but I’ve heard good things about it.  It’s supposed to be big-scale, epic space opera with the kind of grand scope that I tend to look for in Science Fiction.

The galaxy is not a safe place.

More than five hundred years after Earth’s destruction, the descendants of humanity’s survivors are finally coming into their own under the leadership of First Among the Chosen Minu Groves. They’ve gained allies and slowly built strength, and now Minu has decided that the time has come to bid for freedom from the Tog, long humanity’s sponsors in the interspecies Concordia.

The Higher Order species, though, have been proven to possess fleets of starships to enforce their iron will. To leave her species helpless against such a foe is not acceptable to Minu. So she’s about to set off into the deep darkness of space looking for the rumored ghost fleets, remnants of the Lost’s ancient armada from an eons-ago war.

Those ships could be the final piece Minu needs to permanently ensure humanity’s freedom. But as her plans develop, the greater mysteries of her own history, her husband’s fate and the very nature of the Concordia may prove to be her own undoing – and with her, all of mankind.

You can get it from Amazon here.

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