Kal’s February 2015 Forecast

February is here and it looks to be a busy month!  I’m currently in discussions with Henchman Press to produce one of my SF books, Fenris Unchained, under their label.  Fenris Unchained would be coming out sometime near the end of the month if everything works out.  My audiobook narrator for The Shattered Empire has had to push back his turn-in date due to health issues, but his plan is to get it to me by the end of the month.

I’m almost finished with Wrath of the Usurper, which is good, it means that I’ll have it to my alpha readers soon and then can begin editing.  It still looks like I’ll release it in March.  I’ll start work on The Prodigal Emperor in the next couple weeks and from there I hope to have it finished early April and released sometime in May.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have a few movie reviews coming in the next week or so, what with lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy movies coming out.  I’ll also have some guest posts of book reviews, so keep checking back for updates.

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