Reviews and Stuff

First off, Cedar Sanderson has a review up for the Fallen Race right here.

Second, I’m midway through my YA SF novel, roughly 40,ooo words.  It’s coming more slowly than I’d like, with the main issue being I only really have had time to write for it on it on my lunch break during the work day.  Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to work on it a bit this weekend and then again Memorial weekend.  The secondary issue is that I’m editing my epic fantasy novel, Echo of the High Kings and preparing to write the sequel to The Fallen Race, The Shattered Empire.  Ideally, I’ll have all three books finished by July and, with editing, will have them coming out late August to mid September.  Granted, I’ll also have a newborn in the house at that point, so my writing/editing time might be more constrained than would otherwise be ideal…


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