Renegades: Origins and Renegades: A Murder of Crowes


Renegades: A Murder of Crowes will be released on 19 April, 2014.  Read below for the blurb:

Among the rag-tag crew of outlaws and escapees, Simon has a unique background: he’s a cop. So when one of the crew winds up dead, naturally the others turn to him to find out the identity of the killer. It should be a quick investigation aboard the tiny ship with a small crew…. Except that in this case, everyone is a suspect. Simon has to wonder, not who is guilty, but who, on this ship, is really innocent?

I’m also releasing Renegades: Origins on the same day.  So, if you want to read the extra short stories, or if you haven’t yet purchased the other Renegades books, this is your opportunity to pick up all of them at the same time.  Renegades: Origins includes all five novellas of the Renegades series as well as some additional short stories.  Below is the blurb:

In times of chaos, there are those who fight for money, for power, or just to survive. In feudal Japan, they were Ronin. After the US Civil War, they were desperadoes or hired guns. In the chaotic times of the collapse of human civilization, they are men, women, and aliens without shelter or succor. When no one else will take a stand, they stand for themselves. They are deserters, murderers, pirates, and worse… they are the Renegades.

As with my other books, I’ll be doing a book bomb to boost sales visibility. As a note, however, if you are interested, I encourage you to buy it at noon Central US time on 19 April. Why is that? Because Amazon tracks sales over time, and higher ranked sales means more visibility.  More visibility means reaching more readers which is cool from a reader’s perspective because there are more people they can discuss a book or author with and is cool from an author’s perspective because that’s more money with which said author can buy things like food and other necessities of survival.  So, pencil in 19 April!

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