Additional Content

I’ve seen more traffic of late, and I’m interested in seeing what people want to see here, if anything.  I’ll be loading some additional stuff in the free fiction area in the near future, but in the meantime, as far as the blog, blog topics, the Free Fiction subjects, and the rest… what would you like to see?  The floor is open for discussion, but to start it off with things I can produce quickly: additional info on my writing process to include world-building, characterization, story outlining; character biographies and backgrounds from various series to be made available in the Free Fiction section; Maps, diagrams, and schematics for various series; additional news reports and other ‘props’ to include research papers, letters, and reports from the Shadow Space universe; blog posts on general writing tips.

I’ve also attached a nifty little poll, with larger site/blog items.  I love hearing feedback, so hit me up and if you have something you think would be a big improvement, feel free to let me know.  I see enough traffic out there, I know you people are here, so talk to me : )

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