Renegades: Declaration is coming!

So the third Renegades story is on the way, I am happy to say. The final editing is almost completed and the cover art is almost completed. I’m super excited to get this one out. Renegades: Declaration covers the story from Pixel’s perspective, not long after the events of Renegades: The Gentle One. The crew has escaped from Chxor space, and they now face something that might very well tear them apart: selecting someone to be their leader.

Here’s the blurb about it:

Pixel is an engineer, and a damned good one. He knows math, understands machinery, and loves nothing more than to get his hands dirty taking things apart and getting to know how it all works. He knows his understanding for the mechanical does not extend to people. When his fellow escapees decide to select a Captain for their hijacked ship, he finds himself in a unique position where his vote matters… and where he knows that the wrong decision will lead to their deaths. The problem is, as tension mounts between the crew and intimidation, threats and bribes emerge, the right vote might well lead to deaths as well.

Renegades: Declaration will be available soon from Amazon, Smashwords, Kindle, Sony eBooks, and Kobo.

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